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Quiénes somos


Colonvo, the importance of seeing with the right glasses at the right time.

The rays of the sun, the blue light of the screens…

On the beach, in your office…

Skating on the street, playing with the mobile…

Situations in which without realizing we must protect our eyes.

We know it and we do it. Now we want you to do it too.

Fun and Care

The experience of feeling and looking good.

We are a group of opticians who want to offer glasses that fuse optical solutions from day to day with fashion and current trends.

Digital Evolution

You go ahead, adapt or disappear.

We choose to evolve as new technologies advance and what this entails. New vision problems, new solutions.


Quality of life. This is our goal.

Use the most suitable glasses for each moment. Protect yourself from the rays of the sun and the blue light. The sight, that most precious asset.

If you prefer to see them, touch them and try them, look for your nearest shop or optics. You can find our sunglasses, reading glasses or Blue Screen glasses in more than 25 stores throughout Spain.

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