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Are you all day in front of a screen? Protects your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by the digital screens, fluorescent, led light … This model is the classic moscot with a black tone, elegant and sober, that combines with everything you wear. These glasses are without graduation, their function is the protection of the blue light.

Lens Properties:

  • Blue light filter.
  • Anti-reflectors.
  • Hard.

  • Anti-Blue screen
  • Total UV protection
  • Ultra light
  • Anti-reflective
  • Anti-scratch



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  • Free returns only in Spain.

Blue Screen computer goggles that take care of your eyes from the dangerous blue light emitted by digital devices and LED lights. Protect your eyes with these light blue beams of modern and contemporary shapes whose rounded lenses and black acetate frame fit perfect for round and oval faces.

The lenses:

  • Blue light: Selectively filters the harmful light of the device screens (computers, tablet, smartphone, TV sets …) and LED light (UV and blue-violet) while letting light pass for our vision.
  • Anti-reflectors: Eliminate reflections of light that obstruct correct vision.
  • Hardened: Treatment that prevents the lens from scratching easily, providing long life and resistance.
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