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Angie Blue Screen 03 ,

The glasses Angie Blue Screen 03 will prevent the blue light from the screens damaging your eyes and also give your look an elegant touch. The mount, in Havana color, stands out for its lightness.
Lens Properties:
  • Blue light filter.
Glasses without prescription. What’s important is the lens filter!


>> You can graduate your sunglasses anti Blue light in our prescription section
  • Anti-Blue screen
  • Total UV protection
  • Ultra light
  • Anti-reflective
  • Anti-scratch



  • Free delivery from 65€ to Spain only.
  • Free returns only in Spain.
Glasses Angie Blue Screen 03 will prevent the blue light emitted by digital displays from damaging your eyes. At the same time, they will give your look a unique touch. Your light saddle will make you look like you’re not wearing them.
In the front, some embellishers provide authenticity to this glass. The daring bridge mixes with the lighter lines of the saddle. In its entirety, both aspects make this glass become one of the most desired.
Don’t you know what glasses would look good on you, depending on your factions? Do not worry! This glass looks good on everybody.


The lenses …
  • Have resistant treatment, so they are not easily scratched.
  • Anti Blue light, filter the damaging rays of the screens.
  • Total UV Protection (UV 400)

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