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Angie Blue Screen 02 ,

The Angie Blue Screen 02 glasses will block the dangerous blue light from the screens and give you an informal and elegant touch. The saddle, in black matte, lighter than a feather!


Lens Properties:


  • Blue light filter.
Glasses with no prescriptio. What’s important is the lens filter!


>> If you want, you can graduate your sunglasses anti Blue Light in our prescription section
  • Anti-Blue screen
  • Total UV protection
  • Ultra light
  • Anti-reflective
  • Anti-scratch



  • Free delivery from 65€ to Spain only.
  • Free returns only in Spain.
The glasses Angie Blue Screen 02 will give that protection that your eyes need in front of the blue light of the screens. Also, at the same time, they will give your outfit an elegant touch. The lightness of the saddle will make you forget that you’re wearing them.


In the front, some embellishments confer that authentic pinch that turns this glass into a unique model. The freshness of the saddle lines is unified with the characteristic shape of the bridge. As a whole, all of the above favors this glass to suit all tastes.


And, if you’re not sure which model would suit you according to your factions, there’s nothing to worry about: This model looks good on every face!


The lenses …


  • With hardened treatment. This way, they won’t scratch that easy!
  • Anti blue light, which filters the light blue, UV and blue-violet, letting pass the necessary light to be able to see correctly.
  • Total UV Protection (UV 400), so that your eyes are extra protected against UV light.
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